Seahorses (Age 6-8)
Run, Jump, Throw Program 

Children who learn fundamental running, jumping and throwing movement skills through Track and Field acquire a strong foundation for success in all other sports and physical activities.  This is the value of the sport of Athletics – preparing Canadians for a lifetime of excellence and diversity in active living.  Ocean Athletics is pleased to offer its grassroots development Run-Jump-Throw program to the local community.  Our Run-Jump-Throw program has 3 objectives.  Safety, Fun and Skills.

Time and Location

Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7pm.

Saturday from 10am-11pm South Surrey Track Facility


The $90 fee includes coaching, a club t-shirt and membership in Athletics BC which provides limited athletic insurance coverage through Sport BC through their Track Rascals program.

The program runs to the end of the year with a break in July/August for summer vacation.  Parents can download a registration form from website or pick up a form and register on site at any practice.

How To Get Involved

Come out to any Run-Jump-Throw practice to meet the coaches and test out the program.  We welcome kids aged 6,7 and 8 for “SeaHorses”.


Warm-up games and exercises, followed by some skill acquisition drills and games followed by a cool down period again involving various fun games and exercises with some stretching at the end.  There are no competitions with this program.