BC JD Championships final preparations

Thanks to the hard work of Dave Short - new shed renovations, Coach Steve Peters - truck pick-up of the bins and Coach Maureen and Coach Ted equipment transfer from bin to shed with help from Mark Pinckard, Tyler Wilson and Kathy Wilson and club friend and masters runner Rick Woods who helped transport all the stuff during the move on Tuesday. Kudos to Brad Smith for the updated scissor hurdles cart he made this spring - a model that won’t tip over.

A special thank you to Jacinde Marks her kids Maella and James Hodgson for sorting, clean up, storing, sweeping, weeding this week in our final preparations for the hosting of the BC JD Championships. We have over 450 athletes coming to town, the above people have made the difference.

Also pictured below are City of Surrey Staff who have been on the job installing a new SP throwing circle and installing the bleachers around the track. John Mathis will be refreshing hurdle marks this week and many other club members are hard at work getting everything ready.