Ocean Athletics Fund Raiser 2019

OCEAN FUND RAISER - Ocean has joined the Thrifty’s Smile Fundraising Program . Thrifty’s contributes back to Ocean, 5% of the value put on an Ocean Smile Card - $100 on the card - $5 to Ocean, $200 on the card - $10 to Ocean with the card holder maintaining use of all of the funds put on the card ($100 on card - $100 to card holder). Jen Soti will have the Ocean Cards at the track Thursday March 7. The cards do not have any value until they are loaded at a Thrifty’s. This is a painless way to support Ocean as we all buy groceries. This program goes until April 30 so get your card from Jen on Thursday, load it, use it - done!!! Friends and family can help with this fundraiser as well. This Fundraiser is aimed at the new fitness area that will be built on the far side of the track.