Ocean Athletics Seahorse and Junior Development Program

South Surrey Track Facility

  • Maureen de St. Croix

  • Brad Smith

  • Ted de St. Croix

  • Robert Antscherl

  • Steve Peters

  • Jon Mathis

  • Sharon Hann

  • Meagan Bovell

  • Charlene Janzen

  • Brian Clendenin

  • Pete deHal

  • Sheryl Murrell (Long Jump)

  • Jeannie Cockcroft, Cathy Carr, Jay Zhu (High Jump)

  • Dave McDonald, Rori Denness (Throws)

** Parents are always welcome to join in on the practices but the specific coaching of your own children is not allowed

Seahorses: 2013-2011 born athletes – yearly fee of $320 that includes a BC Athletics membership, training shirt, coaching,  + entry to track rascal events

JD’s: 2006-2010 born athletes – yearly fee of $490 that includes a BC Athletics membership, coaching, training, competition shirt,  + 2 event fees per eligible meet 

** once JD athletes enter grade 8 in September, they are eligible to move into one of the high school groups.  Athletes will not be allowed to move into the high school groups until they enter into grade 8 in September.

The program begins each year in January, but athlete intake continues throughout the year until the programs are full. The membership fee is not prorated until September 1. Seahorses have 2 sessions per week until the end of March, and 3 sessions per week April through October. JDS have 3 training sessions per week throughout the year. It is not mandatory to attend all training sessions, but a minimum of 2 sessions per week are encouraged to allow for a reasonable rate of development.

The aim of the Seahorse and Junior Development programs is to develop and train a wide variety of athletic abilities - speed, endurance, reaction time, flexibility, ability and strength - through the vehicle of track and field. Athletes will be coached in throwing (shot put, javelin, discus and hammer), sprinting (60-300m, hurdles), jumping (high jump, long jump, and triple jump and pole-vault (for the 13 year olds)), middle distance running (600 - 2000m on the track and cross country running). A well balanced warm up session is followed by speed, strength and technical training.  The endurance comes naturally through the different parts of the training session - hills, runs in the forest. We do not train any pure long distance running (5km, 10km, marathons) as these have not been shown to be the foundations of a strong young athlete.  As an athlete matures and develops, they may choose to specialize towards longer distances.  The competition season runs from the middle of April to the end of July.  All club members are encouraged to compete as it is an opportunity to test acquired skills and make friends at other clubs.

The Ocean Athletics JD program is well established with provincial medallists and age class record holders in throwing, jumping, sprinting, hurdling and middle distance running.  Since the inception of the club in 2006, we have won numerous Cross Country JD Aggregate Awards at the BC Club Cross Country Championships,  and have numerous JD athletes medal and finish in the top 10 in their age classes every year in both Track and Field and Cross Country.

We take a 3 week break in August to recharge our batteries before the Cross Country season begins in late Augus and to give families time to enjoy the last days of summer.  The club trains through to mid December with our last Cross Country race at the end of October. The second break of the season occurs during the school Christmas break.

Training Schedule*: 

January - end of March: Seahorses: Thursdays 6-7pm, Saturdays 10-11:30am JD’s Mondays 6-7:30pm, Thursdays 6-7pm and Saturdays 10-11:30am    

April - middle of December: Seahorses: Mondays & Thursdays 6-7:30pm, Saturdays 10-11:30am JD’s Mondays and Thursdays 6-7:30pm, Saturdays 10-11:30am. Plus additional training sessions on Tuesdays starting late spring with emphasis on hurdling and throwing.    Training sessions are usually cancelled on competition Saturdays.   Please check the website for training updates.  

Training:  Athletes are expected to come to training sessions prepared to participate fully.  Proper training wear includes a good pair of running shoes, shorts/training pants, t-shirt or equivalent, and a warm-up hoodie/jacket.  Mitts, toques and extra layers are recommended for the cooler days.  Hats are recommended for any sunny day. A personal water bottle is recommended.

Competitions:  Athletes born 2006-2010 are eligible to compete in all of the competitions sanctioned by BC Athletics. Events are organized according to the Athlete Long Term development model.   For example, athletes 9 years of age will have a short sprint of 60m and a long sprint of 100m, whereas a 12 year old athlete will have a 100m short sprint and both a 200m and 300m long sprint.  

There are also 'competition' opportunities for the 2013/12/11 Seahorses.  These are known as Track Rascal events and are usually organized into a grouping of 5 events - long jump, 50m sprint, hurdles, turbo javelin throw or ball toss, relay & occasionally a lollipop sprint race.  Performances are not measured.   Awards come in the form of ribbons and treats.  In the fall, there are 2-3 Rascal Cross Country events during the season.

Junior Development (JD) Competitions may be 1 or 2 days in length.  It is not necessary to compete on both days, nor in all competitions.  The Ocean Athletics membership fee covers the entry fee for 2 events for each Ocean Athletics acknowledged competition.  Additional events may be entered at member cost but it is important to look at the schedule to ensure that your athlete can handle multiple events with respect to both the schedule and their ability.  We encourage all of our athletes to compete.  We like to see an Ocean of Blue out there at every meet!  If an athlete registers for an event but does not show for any reason, it is expected that the parents/athlete will reimburse Ocean Athletics for the entry fee (usually $8-15/event).

Entering Competitions:  Meet entries are usually due 1 week ahead of the competition.  All entries are done through the club.  Entries are made using the 'entry form' that is found at the Track Meet Entries (or Cross Country entries) link found in the ‘About’ scroll down menu. Each meet has an individualized entry form.   

There will be meet information posted at the track and on the website so that athletes and parents can check the schedule and decide which events are possible.  Event choice will also be done in consultation with the coaches.  It is important to enter by the set deadline, as late fees are usually double the entry fee (late fees are the member’s responsibility).  Please remember that competition categories are based on Birth year, not Birth date.  If the athlete is 9 on the day of the competition, but is turning 10 before the end of the year, they are in the 10 year old category.