BC High School Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to our athletes who competed in the 2019 BC High School Cross Country Championships. Photos courtesy of Michelle Gagne and Coach Ted. Results are posted here.

Ocean Athlete Results:

Junior Women: Maella-5, Mackenzie-10, Abigail-15, Julia-37, Sacha-115, Sienna-124, Natalie-198, Melinda 240 (total 270 runners).

Junior Men: Caiden-5, Isaac-11, Kaelem-17, James-25, Arjun-105, Brayden-107, Kyle-112, Michael-148, Charles 165, Cayden-168 (total 279).

Senior Girls: Maya-6, Milena-17, Emma Kearns-56, Dora-67, Emma Cobban-74, Ava-145 (total 220 runners).

Senior Boys: Tyler-14 (total 260 runners)